Lokassa Ya M’bongo, The Great Congolese Guitarist Dies Aged 80


There can only be one Lokassa ya M’bongo. The god of rhythm guitar.

The legendary Congolese guitarist is no more. He died today, aged 80 years.

Lokassa had been ailing, and was at some point hospitalised in the US, at a hospital in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Sources say that the guitar maestro, whose full names were Lokassa Kasia Dennis, died in the United States of America.

His guitar became a common feature in many Lingala songs in the 1990s.

There was hardly any one song that did not feature his signature tunes.

Through his fingers – and creativity he was able to make a name for himself as a diligent member of Soukous Stars.

Ask anyone, Lokassa is arguably one of DRC’s best rhythm guitarists.

He was also known as ‘Lokassa ya Dollar’ (mbongo means money in Lingala).

Due to illness, the legendary musician would leave the stage he had known his entire life, entertaining fans across the globe as a calling.

Some of his mega hits include Monica and Marie Jose.

His breakthrough came in 1989 when together with others they formed Soukous Stars in Paris.