Fighting Back? Nation’s Article Labels Ruto ‘Master of Doublespeak’

MH Reporter

A few days ago, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua called out Nation media group in public – claiming that the Aga Khan owned media house was against UDA in the run-up to the 2022 elections.

That Nation allegedly published fake opinion polls that showed that Azimio’s candidate Raila Odinga was a head of UDA candidate.

“It is time to call out the media, especially, The Nation. Before elections, you worked with the Opposition to fight President William Ruto to ensure that he did not win the August 2022 General Election but you fail,” Gachagua recently said.

Meanwhile, the Nation media group has struck back at the heart of UDA – this time aiming its missiles at President William Samoei Ruto.

The article is already causing serious vibrations at the corridors of Nation’s Twin Towers building in town.

The Nation on Monday published an article by one of its columnist and former Managing Editor, Special Projects for the Daily Nation – the veteran Mr. Macharia Gaitho.

The article titled ‘President William Ruto, the king of doublespeak’ has hit Ruto where it hurts most – and now Ruto is trending.

Gaitho is a veteran journalist – and is retired. He has nothing to lose…. and so he was the best man to deliver the missile that has left the walls of State House and Sugoi shaking.

Trust me – Gaitho’s phone must have been ringing incessantly since the time the article was published.

This is bold. It’s almost unheard of in Kenya where the state always wants to control the media – and they do this by holding back money they owe the media in ads.

A lot of deliberations must have preceded the publishing of the article – and specifically the title – although it is clear that the title has more sting that the story itself.

One can only say the Kenyan media is coming of age – and the government is to ‘blame’ for it.

Just to be clear the government is no longer invested in the media since they stopped buying newspapers, and advertising in them.

The media has learned to survive, albeit with a lot of difficulty.

The result is what you see… with the media now free from the shackles.