Nairobi Women Turn to ‘Hot Massage’ to Avoid Heartbreaks

MH Reporter

A number of women are turning to male masseurs for important services after struggling to find genuine love out there.

The women, mostly single women, are finding it safe to pay for extras offered by hot male masseurs – without any strings attached.

The greatest beneficiaries are mobile male masseurs who are often invited into homes to offer important services. understands that the women even share male masseurs with close friends – but love the fact that there is no ‘cheating’.

Anita is one of the growing number of city women who regularly seek the services of erotic masseurs who also provide ‘happy endings’.

“I have had seven boyfriends one of whom was my husband. They all broke my heart, and so I had to find a solution,” said Anita.

Anita says she was introduced to the male masseur by her friend – who happens to be married.

“My friend has a husband, but still goes for massage services with happy endings,” says Anita.

Most are married

According to Anita, many working women, most of them married, often leave offices to rush to their massage parlours where they get that important ‘happy ending’.

“It’s a common thing these days. It’s like every woman has a male masseur who takes care of her ‘needs’ at a small fee. There are no strings attached, it’s just sex,” she said.

Andrew who works as a male masseur says most of his customers are single women, most of them working in corporate world.

“Some will ask for ‘a happy ending’ and offer an extra amount of money,” says Andrew who considers his work a ‘calling’.

“When they ask, I do it. Although we both know that there are no strings attached. There is no cheating in this business; sex is strictly a service offered to an important part of the body,” he says.

“Some women will invite you to their house, others, especially those who are in the middle of work, will come to your ‘offices’, he says.

A two-hour massage, with a happy ending costs between Sh5,000 and Sh10,000.