Sabina Chege: Former Video Girl In Raila’s Corner


Sabina Chege once appeared in a music video alongside the late John De’Mathew in his hit song titled ‘Njata Yakwa’ – which is a Kikuyu word for ‘My Star’. 

That was many years ago. In the video, she can be seen dancing nicely…before breaking into one hell of running followed by a happy-looking De’Mathew.

Sabina is hot – no doubt – and star that has shone beyond the dancefloor right into the political stage.

Sabina’s star is currently shining on Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s political dance stage – and the Azimio La Umoja disciples are enjoying every bit of the shine.

The video – Njata Yakwa’ – has been watched nearly 3 million times since it was posted five years ago.

Sabina has been many things; she has been an actress, a radio presenter of Kameme FM, controller of commercial radio services of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and a radio presenter of Coro FM (breakfast show).

The Bachelor of Education graduate from the University of Nairobi has been causing serious political ripples in the country.

Just recently,Sabina who is the Murang’a Woman Representative has asked wives to deny their husbands conjugal rights on August 9 until they vote for Raila Odinga as president of Kenya. Imagine.

“I am asking men to forgive us that day. We shall close the ‘server’ until Baba becomes the president,” a fired Sabina said.

And then there is that other commnet she said in jest – about Jubilee having stolen ‘a little’ the 2017 elections – and that they would do so this time as well, only this time for Raila.

her comments have landed her in IEBC hot soup – but lawyer James Orengo and Otiende Amollo are engaging their lawyer heads to ensure sabina is not ‘hanged’ for her comments.

It is interesting to note that the same lawyers spent donkey hours in the Supreme Court after the 2017 elections trying to convince judges that Odinga’s win had been stolen by Jubilee.

And now, the same lawyers are fighting to save Sabina from her woes.

Meanwhile, Sabina who almost caused a stampede in Nyanza after daring men to tell her to her face what they were ‘feeling’ – is continuing to sell Azimio La Umoja in Central and beyond.

Pundits believe that Sabina Chege’s political star is on the rise, and many women in Central will be watching her closely.