It’s Painful What These Man United Legends Said After Liverpool Blow



Man united – 1993 to 2005

He said of Man United after losing to 4-0 to Liverpool

Former Man United midfielder Paul Scholes. Photo/Courtesy

I’ve lost a little bit of anger towards it now, I feel saddened, it’s not great to watch.

“I’d like to see them give at least a little bit of effort, it looks like the last place they want to be.

“They want their season over, they want it done, they want to move on, but unfortunately there’s no hiding place. You can’t come to An-field and be like that.

“The fans have travelled a long way, it’s disgusting to watch. But that’s where the club are at the minute.

“They’ve got to give a little bit of effort, just for them fans coming to the ground.”


AGE – 47 years

Man united – 1993 to 2005

He said:

Former Man United defender Gary Neville. Photo/Courtesy 

“No owners of any good business in the world where the core activities of the business are failing and the cash reserves are being drained over the last three years through can you continue to take money out of a business.

“Fundamentally the club is broken on and off the pitch. The stadium is falling apart; the training ground is falling back to second rate compared to other grounds.

“The owners are taking £25m out a year when the club need investment.”

“I’ve been watching Man United for 42 years and this is as bad as it gets honestly.

“I watched them through the 80s. I’ve never seen a group have a lack of appetite to play during my time watching the club.”




Man united – 1993 to 2005

Roy Keane [insert] is a former Man United midfielder. Photo/Courtesy 
Her said:

“They’ve already left the building, they’re gone, particularly the lads whose contracts are up, they’ve already left, you can tell with their performances.

“You see it at Everton even the manager, the staff, they’re on their holidays they’ve switched off.

“We come here tonight to An-field, what do you think is going to happen? They don’t turn up.

They lose 4-0 and shake hands and then give interviews afterwards – it’s soundbites.

“You should be ashamed of your life. They should be hiding.”

“It’s not the club I played for. It’s chalk and cheese. No fight or playing for pride.”