Sportpesa Jackpot Bonus Turning Many Kenyans Into Millionaires

BY MH Reporter

Only five months into 2023, there have been plenty of gamers who have had their lives transformed after winning a hearty bonus courtesy of SportPesa.

The year began with Bonface Amwai becoming the latest millionaire in town courtesy of the SportPesa Mega Jackpot after he managed to correctly predict 15/17 games.

Amwai said he does not do any research before placing his bets. He won Ksh 1,216,993.

Amwai said he does not do any research before placing his bets. Photo/Courtesy.

Still in January, there was double joy as Daniel Itotia and Eliud Mugo both failed to predict just two of the 17 games up for selection, but bagged a handsome Ksh 1,009,162 for their efforts.

Mugo, who is now a driver, got into his new line of work after his hawking business failed to take off. He can now dream big courtesy of his bonus victory.

Admitting that he placed the Mega Jackpot slip after persuasion from his friend, Mugo revealed that he has received numerous calls regarding his win.

Nelson Omwega and Arthur Ayoyi correctly predicted 15/17 games and split the bonus, each bagging KSHs 1,419,248. Photo/Courtesy.

To finish off the month, James Macharia correctly predicted 15/17 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot, and became a millionaire two months after registering an account with SportPesa.

What made his win even more interesting is that he did no analysis on his bet slip, rather he used the quick pick option provided on the platform.

The quick pick helps players by choosing a random selection of the games available and this is what came to Macharia’s rescue.

His efforts saw him win an astounding bonus amounting to KSHs 3,154,813.

Lightning struck twice

As February began, lightning struck twice again as Nelson Omwega and Arthur Ayoyi correctly predicted 15/17 games and split the bonus, each bagging Ksh1,419,248.

On the last day of the month, Amos Njogu opted to play the 13-game jackpot out of the 17 available in the Mega Jackpot and won a hearty Ksh1,092,216.

The Mechanic was in a state of despair as he contemplated how his daughter would go to university after completing her high school education recently.

I was desperate

“It makes me happy to see my child go to school. I was desperate to find a solution and this win could not have come at a better time.

“Seeing that congratulations message on my phone completely changed my mood.

I was in disbelief and I immediately called my wife to tell her the good news,” Njogu told SportPesa Blog.

The wins just kept getting bigger and Godfrey Kariithi, a miraa vendor, was fortunate enough to get 15 out of 17 correct predictions in last weekend’s Mega Jackpot and won a handsome KSHs 1,143,019.

Francis Mbaabu plans to build his dream home and take his daughter to university. Photo/Courtesy.

He was one of three lucky gamers to become millionaires as Paul Gicheha and Weldon Kibet also received the hearty bonus after 15 correct predictions.

The biggest bonus wins thus far in the year came on the 21st of March as police officer Nicholas Kiplangat won a handsome Ksh11,143,139.

Kiplangat was fortunate enough to correctly predict 16 out of the 17 games in the progressive jackpot and instantly became a millionaire!

He almost won Ksh 291,623,094

If only he had picked a win for the visiting team in game number one of the mega jackpot selection – Rotherham United vs Cardiff, he would have won an unbelievable Ksh 291,623,094.

Just as fate would have it, there were two winners that weekend who won over 11 million shillings courtesy of the SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus.

Francis Mbaabu explained his plans to build his dream home and take his daughter to university after he won the healthy bonus.

The miraa farmer from Meru County also correctly predicted 16 out of 17 games and this saw him win a handsome Ksh 11,143,139.

I won over Ksh3 million bonus

Stephen Maraka closed off the month of March in style as he was fortunate enough to win over Ksh3 million.

The gardener by profession, correctly predicted 15 out of 17 games in the Mega Jackpot and his efforts saw him become a millionaire instantly, winning exactly KSHs 3,000,686.

Only two games let him down in his quest to become Kenya’s biggest jackpot winner, with the entire pot being KSHs 292,557,298 that weekend.

Omondi hopes to win a third time

April began with yet another hero story as Silas Omondi correctly predicted 15 games in the progressive Mega Jackpot and was rewarded with KSHs 1,876,032 to become a millionaire for the second time.

In 2017, Omondi was fortunate enough to win over 2.7 million shillings for the same number of predictions and is thinking maybe the third time will be the charm.

“When I won the first time years ago, I helped my wife complete her studies and greatly expanded my construction business.

“It is safe to say that SportPesa has transformed my life, both then and now with this second Mega Jackpot bonus,” the father of one stated.

Police officer becomes millionaire

Yet another police officer marched onto the scene as Kibet Kosilei joined the SportPesa factory of millionaires after his efforts saw him win a hearty KSHs 2,160,673 Mega Jackpot bonus.

The Police officer, with over 30 years of service under his belt, correctly predicted 15 out of the 17 games and the generous bonus saw him become a millionaire.

In a tricky weekend jackpot list that had a titanic English Premier League test pitting leaders Arsenal against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, Kibet still managed to come out a winner.

He was very certain that it would end in a draw and to his joy, substitute Roberto Firmino came off the bench to salvage a point for the reds in a 2-2 stalemate.

There was double joy a week later as David Maina expressed how timely his SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus was as his handsome win is going to revive him from such a low point in his life.

The businessman correctly predicted the outcome of 15 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot and won a bonus of KSHs 1,228,484.

John Mungami, a taxi driver, was also lucky over the weekend and he became a millionaire after winning the same amount courtesy of the Mega Jackpot bonus.

Waititu’s big win

As May began, the winners continued to arise as Jeff Kuruma Waititu’s Monday was better than most Kenyans, waking up as the newest millionaire in the country courtesy of SportPesa.

Waititu correctly predicted 13 out of 14 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot to win Ksh5,088,309.

The Manchester United fan from Kiambu County explained how he has had a lucky streak the past two weeks but did not expect to win such a handsome bonus payout.

“My bet slips in the recent weeks have actually been spot on and I can’t express how fortunate I feel for it to translate to such a win.

“I am the biggest fan of SportPesa now and I have seen that they actually have the best bonuses. I’m hoping this is the first of many wins for me,” Waititu explained.

Jeff Kuruma Waititu correctly predicted 13 out of 14 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot to win Ksh5,088,309. Photo/Courtesy.

Leakey Kavila Musyoka also became a millionaire courtesy of SportPesa after he was fortunate enough to win KSHs 4,403,442 from a hearty Mega Jackpot bonus.

Musyoka correctly predicted 15 out of the 17 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot and narrowly missed out on breaking the country winning record.

This came a week after SportPesa rattled the internet causing a frenzy as their jackpot hit a record high of over KSHs 300,000,000.

This past weekend was no different as Silas Mwenda was the lucky winner as he bagged a bonus worth KSHs 4,136,570.

Leakey Kavila Musyoka won Ksh 4,403,442 from a hearty Mega Jackpot bonus after he correctly predicted 15 out of the 17 games. Photo/Courtesy.

To make this even better for Mwenda, it was the second time in his time with SportPesa that he has been fortunate enough to become a millionaire.

In 2019, Mwenda correctly predicted 15 out of 17 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot and he won over 6 million shillings.

“When I tell you that SportPesa has changed my life, I don’t think anyone can understand just how much.

“This is the second time I have become a millionaire because of them and I can only urge people to play on SportPesa, it is the truth,” Mwenda told SportPesa’s Blog.

You too can win

Even you can join this long list of millionaires simply by clicking this link and trying out this weekend’s Mega Jackpot, at 99 shillings only!

SportPesa’s Mega Jackpot has the best bonuses in the land and only 5 months into the year, already there have been numerous millionaires.

Aside from the best bonuses, the Mega Jackpot has now hit a record high and currently stands at KSHs 303,560,667.

Even if you aren’t fortunate enough to get all 17 games right, SportPesa offers generous bonuses from 12 correct predictions.

Gordon Ogada remains the highest football jackpot winner in Kenya after his KSHs 230,742,881 victory and he was followed by Cosmas Korir months later, who bagged Ksh208,733,619.

For only 99 shillings, you can stand the chance to win this record-breaking amount and make history as the biggest football jackpot winner in the country.