Train Birth: Mombasa Mother Gives Birth Inside Train

MH Reporter

A Mombasa woman on Wednesday gave birth to a bouncing baby inside Madaraka Express train.

The woman was among passengers travelling from Nairobi to Mombasa.

Reports indicate that the woman went into labor just as the train was approaching Mombasa, it’s final destination.

The woman gave birth inside the Madaraka Express train. Photo/Courtesy.

Luckily, a doctor and a nurse who happened to be onboard the train volunteered to help the woman deliver her baby without any complications.

“We were blessed to have Dr. Indanyenyi Luseso onboard the train who performed the delivery, assisted by Ms Fauziya Lugogo, a nurse at Kenyatta National Hospital and our Madaraka Express passenger attendant Mary Nyiha,” Kenya Railways said on Twitter.

According to Kenya Railways, the woman together with her baby were later taken to Mariakani Sub-County Hospital.