Komarock Girls Missing: Parents Fear For Teenage Daughters

A parent in Nairobi’s Komarock area is worried about her two daughters aged 15 and 17 years disappeared from home on May 7, 2021.

The girls have been identified as Melisa Wanjira Kiboi a pupil at St. Teresa’s Girls Primary Boarding, and Sharleen Wangari Kabura who is a student at Loreto Girls High School Kiambu.

“I left my daughters at home on the day they were last seen, but when I came back home I found an empty house. I thought probably they were somewhere outside, but then they never came back home. I am yet to hear about their whereabouts,” said their dad.

Melisa was last seen wearing a black top, black leggings and pink Crocs, while Sharleen was wearing a grey sweater, black trousers and pick crocs.

“I already reported the matter to the Masimba Police Station and police have been trying to help us trace their whereabouts, but we have not been successful,” the dad told Mwanahabari.co.ke on phone.

The report was recorded at the police station under OB number 06/11/05/2021. Another report was made to the Missing Child Kenya Organisation – who have since published an alert on their Facebook page. There are many cases of teenagers reported missing.

Shirlen and Melisa reported mising
Melisa was last seen wearing a black top, black leggings and pink Crocs, while Sharleen was wearing a grey sweater, black trousers and pick Crocs. Photo/Courtesy

Tracing the two has not been easy because they left their mobile phones back in the house.

“I have no idea where they are, although I suspect it could be teenage challenges,” he added.

“All was well at home. There was no issue between me and them or any other family member. I just want my children back,” he said.

This is not the first time Komarock is hitting the headlines over missing school girls.

In November 2020, seven (7) teenage girls from the same estate went missing from home in a scandal that sparked debate across the country.

It would later emerge that the girls were housed by a group that went by the name “Carty Gang” – and operated in Komarock and its environs.

According to a brief issued by the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) at the time, the group existed to “lure high school girls from their homes for partying orgies that goes on for days.”

Many parents in the estates revealed how their teen girls were being recruited to the gang. The group was said to hold a string of parties at secluded places across Nairobi – specifically in places like Athi River and Obama Estate in Nairobi’s Eastland’s area.

The girls were later found inside a house in Nairobi. They would later reveal that they left home after feeling bored just sitting at home.

As for Sharleen and Melisa’s parents, their hope is that their young daughters can be found – so they can resume studies as schools have already opened their doors. Those with any information that can help the family may do so using the contacts provided.