I saw Death. I Knew I was Dying – Rafael Tuju

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju opened up about his near death experience after he was involved in a grisly road accident along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway back in January 2020.

The events of that day have remained written in his memory – and as he went out on Sunday 20, June 2021, to meet and thank doctors who saved his life – Tuju took time to offer a glimpse into what was going on in his mind on that fateful day.

Tuju walked for 57 km from Karen Hospital to Kijabe Hospital and raised over Ksh11 million. The money he said was a sign of gratitude for the hospital that gave him another chance in life.

The intervention in this hospital is what has kept me, it was critical,” said Tuju who boke 12 broken bones – and which had punctured his lungs.

Reports indicated that Tuju was a sleep when the accident occurred – but was woken up by the sudden impact of the collision. A sharp pain short through his back, at which point he knew he had sustained serious injurious.

Tuju car accident
Tuju’s car that was involved the accident with a matatu. Photo/Courtesy
 “I told CS Amina I was going to die. I was sure of it and she told me to shut up!” – Tuju recounted.