BIDCO Group To Inspire Action to Protect Planet Earth

MH Reporter

BIDCO Africa Limited and BIDCORO Africa Limited have announced a renewed commitment inspire action towards protecting planet Earth from climate change and effects of environmental pollution.

Speaking at Mang’u High School in Kiambu County, BIDCO Africa’s Group Director, Chris Diaz said that their focus shall be on solutions to plastic pollution in line with this year’s World Environment Day theme #BeatPlasticPollution.

Good Testimony School’s Mohamed and Branice Mayienga the Executive Director of Women In Business Network planting trees at Mang’u High School to mark World Environment Day. Photo/Courtesy.

“Earth’s sheer incredible beauty and wildly varied landscapes can move us to think about better ways of protecting the planet for future generations because we all agree that environmental conservation goes beyond tree planting,” said Mr. Diaz.

While the rest of the world celebrated World Environment Day, BIDCO announced their deliberate decision to join the circular economy development journey by reducing material use with practical steps towards eliminating unnecessary plastics within their value chain thus conserving the environment.

BIDCO Africa’s Group director Chris Diaz and BIDCORO Africa’s Mads Burmester meet Mangu High School Principal John Kuria during the Tree Planting Exercise to mark World Environment Day. Photo/Courtesy.

“BIDCO’s Circular Economy Focus From elimination of top seals on water products, to the new look Planet Aqua water bottle and adopting new lightweight packaging technology.

We have laid out a strategy to improve our operations gradually to keep eliminating unnecessary plastics and at the same time, improved recyclability,” explained Mr. Diaz

BIDCORO’s Chief Operating Officer Mads Burmester explained that 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced is produced annually with 40% of that being single-use yet less than 10% of that is recycled:

BIDCORO Africa’s Mads Burmester having a word with KEPSA Foundation’s executive Director Gloria Ndekei at Mangu High High School during the Tree Planting Exercise to mark World Environment Day. Photo/Courtesy.

“It’s all up to us now, plastic is not the problem, the problem is that we don’t recycle and we don’t pick it up; so, let’s all begin to pick up, minimum one piece of plastic per day, recycle it and again from strength to strength in building a pollution free planet, “said Mads.

“With our SunTop brand we have already moved on to the next step, by launching our 250 ml SunTop juice in tetra pack with a paper straw but remember it’s all up to each of us, to make a difference,” added Mads.

BIDCO Africa’s Group director Chris Diaz with two students from Mangu High School and Good Testimony School Planting Fruit Trees at Mang’u High School’s Orchard Farm to mark World Environment Day. Photo/Courtesy.


Mang’u hosted learners from Good Testimony School in Embakasi and Mount Kenya University Environmental Club students led by their Director of Career and Alumni Services Mr. Benjamin Afubwa Musimi. Other entities present at the event were KEPSA Foundation led by their Executive Director Gloria Ndekei while Branice Mayienga represented the Women in Business Network.

This is second time the team visited Mang’u High School after launching “Feed and Green our Schools Program” in 2018. According to BIDCO, the program is specifically tailor-made for educational institutions to inculcate a culture of conservation of Kenya’s green cover amongst learners at an early age, while supplementing the students’ dietary need through planting of fruit trees within the schools.

“We remain grateful to BIDCO and its partners for helping us plant over 700 fruit trees at our Orchard Farm plus another 600 indigenous trees within the school compound,” said Mr. John Kuria, Chief Principal – Mang’u High School.