VIDEO: Chang’aa Brewer Arrested For Using Girls to Attract Customers


A 78-year-old woman has been arrested in Kakamega for exposing teenage girls to prostitution activities in order to boost her illicit brew business.

The woman who hails from Shamala village of Lurambi constituency, is reported to have recruited girls, aged 15 -27, to entice her chang’aa customers to boost her business.

According to the area residents, her home has several huts built from mud that hosts more than 10 girls who wait in turns for partners, a business that is breaking up many marriages.

“My husband hasn’t been reporting back home for the last 3 days, he has stuck at Emily’s home drinking and certifying her sexual desires,” said Josephine Busieka.

“My husband and I parted ways a month ago, he no longer sends upkeep money and doesn’t certify my sexual desires,” a voice of a woman from the crowd was heard saying.

Her arrest comes barely two days after an area woman stormed her home protesting over his illegal business where a body of a 25-year-old lady was found in one of the huts.

Beatrice Akani was reported to have been attacked by her husband a week ago after she was found in bed with another man in one of the huts.

“She has two children, she was burst pants down with another man who attacked and stabbed her,” said Joyce Naliaka.

Confirming the incident Emanuel Shikanda, Murumba assistant chief who denounced the sex trade warning residents against engaging in such business.

“We have got a variety of legit jobs that can engage on besides this ones, let’s shun away from illegal businesses,” he said.

Amukabwa sells the girls for 100 -300 shillings depending on the duration someone spends with the girl.

However, the body of the deceased was taken to Kakamega general and Referral mortuary while the suspect is expected to be arraigned in court.

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