Tailors, Photocopying and Other Businesses to Pay Monthly Fees


The government through the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) is demanding payments has written to a number of small businesses in Kenya to demand levy fees.

The money will be charged at source at the rate of 0.2 percent of the ex-factory price of products manufactured in a month.

Those targeted include tailoring shops, photography studios and photocopying stores.

According to KEBS, small scale businesses are required to pay money monthly under The Standards Levy (Amendment) Order 1999.

The order requires manufacturers to pay the Bureau monthly levy.

Each manufactured product during any given month is subject to a standard levy of a maximum of Sh400,000 per annum and a minimum of Sh1,000 a month.

According to KEBS, a manufacturer is a person or persons who produce, process, treat, install, test or operate and use.

Many small scale businesses are already raising issue with the move, citing high cost of living.

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