Siaya Youth Block Wanjigi’s Car, Beg For Money


A woman who had organised Businessman Jimi Wanjigi’s political tour of Siaya County was forced to go into hiding after angry delagates accused her of pocketing ‘facilitation’ money given by Wanjigi.

Wanjigi who had been given a rapturous welcome in Siaya had met ODM delegates and held a meeting at a hotel to sell his agenda.

The delagates are said to have welcomed Wanjigi in Sianya – and listened to his agenda.

However, it was after the meeting that matters came to a head – with the delagates hunting down the lady whom they accused of ‘eating’ their money.

Hiding in the hotel

“The female coordinator hid herself inside a room in the same hotel room where the delegates were meeting Wanjigi,” a source told Mwanahabari.

Sources told that Wanjigi had left some money for the delagates to share for their troubles – but the delagates claimed they had not seen even a dime – and hunted down the lady coordinator.

In the meeting, Wanjigi asked Siaya people to support his presidential bid on an ODM ticket.

“I am among people who supported Raila Odinga in during and after the 2017 general election. I am not at war with Raila. I stood with him during his difficult political moments,” Wanjigi told the delagates.

“I was the only politician from Mount Kenya who supported Raila during the last general election,” added Wanjigi, arguing that there was no need for ODM to go into coalition with other parties as it was possible to strengthen and form the next government in 2022.

I supported Raila

“I am confident that ODM will form the next Government. I ask all of you to support me to be the Presidential candidate. I have supported Raila before and now it is my time to enjoy his support and that of his people. I have the capability of changing your lives and Kenya’s economy.”

The delagates asked the billionaire to start a bank in the region – from where youths and business people can take up loans for development.

Wanjigi would later leave the hotel only for his motorcade to be blocked by youths who were demanding handouts.

The police had to lob teargas to disperse the rowdy youth who kept begging Wanjigi for money.


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