Shock as ‘Dead’ Father of Two Children Appears in Court


A children’s court sitting in Eldoret was today Thursday 12, 2022, treated to drama when it emerged that a woman who had sued her new found lover for upkeep of children she sired with her original husband had faked the death of the father of her two sons to win support of her new lover.

The court was treated to more drama when the alleged ‘dead’ father of the said children appeared before Eldoret Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Menya wondering why his wife had sued another man for upkeep of his children yet he was still alive and has been fending for his children.

We parted ways

“ I am surprised why this woman has sued me for upkeep of the children of another man who is here in this court. If anything I was only a mpango wa kando  lover who had been helping her by paying school fees for her children before I parted ways with her upon realizing that her husband was still alive contrary to what she had told me when we met,” a shocked 70 year-old engineer told the packed  court.

The woman identified as MCR stayed put, accusing her original husband for interfering with her plan to see her children get the best education from her new multi-millionaire lover.

She castigated the man for being irresponsible and dumping her with their two children only to resurface in court to shame her before the packed court.

“The man who is boasting here as my husband is an irresponsible man who has abdicated his parental duty as a husband forcing me to look for other men to fend for his children. Ask him if he has any receipt to show that he has been meeting the cost of  our children’s education who are schooling in secondary schools in Bungoma and Uasin Gishu County counties respectively,” posed the agitated woman.

Lied that her husband was dead

She further told the court that she was surprised to see the man wondering where the accused got him from.

She did however, not tell the court why she lied that her husband was dead yet he was alive and supporting their children.

The Magistrate asked her why she was forcing another man to take care of the children of another man who was capable of fending for his children where she responded by saying that the other man was a man of means who had shown her love and commitment to help educate her children.

The woman who is a nursery school teacher told the court that her new found lover had changed the names of her children by adding his family name in their birth certificates, an allegation that the accused man denied before the court.

Meet my children’s’ needs

“I cannot remember when I changed the names of the said children, I only came in to help this woman in 2017 when she told me that her husband had died and she wanted someone who can help her meet the needs of her children and that is what I did,” he told the court.

The man sounded agitated, told the court that he was a married man with three wives blessed with 17 children and that he regretted that his good gesture of helping the woman who appeared desperate has turned out to be a source of shame and disgrace to a senior resident of his caliber.

The man who is a retired engineer by profession told the court that he immediately separated with the woman in 2021 upon discovering that her former husband was still alive and since then he has relocated to his family in his rural home in Bunyore.

Married to three wives

“I am a married man to three wives with 17 children. The woman who has sued me was just a side lover I met in 2017 and after staying together for three years we parted ways and I went back to my family,” said the engineer.

The original husband told the court that he was ready to reconcile with his wife and started taking care of his children as well as paying for school fees as their biological father.

“I am ready to go back home with my wife and start taking care of my children as her husband. My entire family and her family know me as her husband, I am wondering why she is nagging this old man,” the original husband told the court.

The woman told the court she was not interested in men but she only needs upkeep of her children.

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