Sh10 million volcanic rock where Nairobian rush for a quick drink


A few meters off the busy Eastern bypass is a towering gigantic structure.

It’s looks peculiar and ancient, but also mesmerizing, leaving those who have not stepped in there wondering what it is.

The one-story edifice is a pub, a small getaway sitting on a seven-acre piece of land.

This pub, which sits on the northern side of the resort, was built to resemble Mt Kenya, including the caves resulting from volcanic activity on the Kenya’s tallest mountain.

The pub which has an underground store was built at a cost of slightly over Sh10 million and took two years to complete.

Alice Mubea, who manages the resort told Wananchi Reporting that they were inspired by the beauty the second tallest mountain in Africa commands.

“What we have there is a replica of Mt Kenya. It cost a lot because we built it using real volcanic rock sourced from Mt Longonot. We built it that way to appreciate our beautiful mountain,” she said.

Inside the pub with a capacity of more than 200 revelers are caves like those on Mt Kenya.

“We want our customers to feel like they are relaxing inside the caves on Mt Kenya because not all of us will have the opportunity to climb the mountain. Our resort is themed on African culture. We appreciate our traditions and wealth,” she said.

The pub’s counter shelves are designed like a tree with strong branches and arts are made from banana fibres.

It has a fully-fledged kitchen, and washrooms to take care of reveler’s needs in-house.

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