Secondary School Student Killed By Friend Over Memory Card


Two young men aged 21 and 19 years were reportedly killed in separate incidences after disagreements with their friends over memory cards.

In one of the cases, a 21-old man man was reportedly attacked by his friend using a machete after disagreeing over a memory card.

According to the police, the suspect George Oduori allegedly attacked his friend identified only as Owino with a machete after he went to pick his memory card at 9 pm.

The police said: “Owino went to demand his memory card, but Oduori was so incensed that he killed him on the spot and buried his remains in a shallow grave on his farm, under the cover of darkness.” The incident took place in Busia in October 2.

According to the police, Oduori had been loaned the gadget by the deceased, but had no intention of giving it back just yet. This may have prompted him to kill his friend – so as not to hand over the memory card.

Oduori’s wife reported the matter to the police after one week of silence. The suspect is currently in police custody.

In yet another related incident – a secondary school student in Huruma area, Nairobi, was stabbed to death over a memory card.

Police said: “The Form three student at Huruma’s Brainiac Secondary School succumbed to two stabs on the head and the third one in his chest after he was attacked by his friend who was unwilling to give back the storage device.”

The 19-year-old victim was rushed to hospital but died while undergoing treatment.

The suspects said to be his friend is currently on the run – with the police hunting him down.


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