Ruto Camp Left Scratching Their Heads After Ngirici’s Message to Raila


Kirinyaga Women Representative Purity Wangui Ngirici on Thursday, January 6, broke the internet after posting a birthday message to Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

This comes just days after Ngirici’s  staff were captured on video plucking out UDA brandings from her fleet of campaign vehicles – and Kirinyaga offices.

The two incidences seem to have provided political pundits – and Kenyans at large – with good fodder for discussion.

Ngirici’s Facebook post read: “Happy 77th birthday, jakom.” The post also had a picture of a well-suited Odinga wearing a decent smile.

Note that ‘Jakom’ is Dholuo word for Chairman – a word that depicts respect and authority.

Raila’s birthday is on Friday, January 7, but Ngirici sent her good wishes to Raila early, something that has raised important eyebrows right from Kirinyaga, down to Sugoi – and Mt Kenya region.

There are those who believe that Ngirici’s message has hidden meanings, and would require some wit to decode.

“This is not some ordinary birthday wish. She is simply telling anyone who cares to listen that Raila will enjoy an early lead ahead of Ruto come August 9,” a Mr John postulated.

Indeed, Ngirici’s post elicited mixed reactions, attracting over 10k comments, 22k reactions and close to 400 shares under 4 hours.

Ngirici who is eyeing the Kirinyaga Gubernatorial seat in 2022, ditched Deputy President William Ruto’s  UDA party claiming she was being forced to pave way for Governor Anne Waiguru – and instead run for Mwea MP seat.

A furious Ngirici left UDA in protest – and made the announcement last week – where she said she will be running for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat on an independent ticket.

Ngirici asked the people of Kirinyaga to chose between Raila and Ruto – noting that it was their democratic right to pick anyone they found suitable. The statement, was however, seen as an indirect endorsement of Raila for the presidency.

Ngirici’s sucker-punch blow has no doubt left a deep crack in UDA, considering that Waiguru is no longer the people’s darling, and seems to have too much baggage.

And now, Ngirici, and orphaned calf that had threatened to scratch her own back, seems to have found a home in Azimio La Umoja.

It will be interesting to see if this could turn the Kirinyaga tide in favour of Baba – noting that Kirinyaga and Nyeri are the two Counties whose leaders continue to have a dalliance with Ruto.

Meanwhile, Ruto will no doubt be kicking himself in the teeth as he ponders his next move after losing Ngirici.





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