Ruto Ally David Ndii, Asks Govt to Forgive All Past Corruption

Renowned economist David Ndii wants Kenya to pardon and forget past corruption for everyone including DP William Ruto especially because corruption has been weaponized for political expediency.

Ndii who was speaking to TV 47 said that it was time Kenya took a different path since the institutions mandated to fight corruption cannot be trusted to do it effectively.

“I am for an amnesty on past corruption for everyone including DP Ruto. It is time for us to draw a line between past corruption,” stated Ndii who has since joined DP Ruto’s fold as an economic advisor.

Ndii confirmed that indeed Ruto had reached out to him – and sought his insights on a number of issues.

DP Ruto and Former CBK Governor
Deputy President William Ruto welcomed Former CBK Governor Njuguna Ndung’u to his Hustler team to help with the formulation of a strategic economic plan.  [Photo: Standard]
“Ruto reached me to help structure his engagement and how we can defend the current constitution from the current assault from things like the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) among other things – and we are talking with other people. It is not just about economics,” Ndii affirmed.

Asked about his past bare-knuckle attacks on DP Ruto, Ndii said that it was nothing personal.

“It was all politics, and nothing personal,” Ndii said.

This is interesting noting that Ndii had tweeted in 2018 stating that he would leave Kenya if President Uhuru’s deputy William Ruto becomes the head of state in 2022

“I am making plans just in case. I have no intention of living in a country governed by a neurotic megalomaniac,” said Ndii at the time.

Ndii tweeted that he was ‘making plans just in case’ the theory materializes as Ruto gears himself for the top seat.

In January, Ndii announced that he had decided to work with Deputy President William Ruto, a man he had severely criticised over corruption.

“No apologies. @WilliamsRuto has adopted a transformation agenda I believe in. He has corruption baggage. Raila (Odinga), Uhuru (Kenyatta), and the rest also have corruption baggage and no agenda for the country—just power. Someone will come forward and prove that Ruto is more corrupt than the rest. Hypocrites,” noted Ruto at the time.

Ruto has also invited Former CBK Governor Njuguna Ndung’u to his Hustler team.

In a statement issued on Thursday, April 22, 2021, Ruto revealed that he held a meeting with Ndung’u at his Karen home in Nairobi County.

Ndii is expected to work with Njuguna and others to help develop the new economic model through the African Economic Research Consortium which, according to the DP, will ensure more resources are invested in the grassroots, greater economic participation and an expansion of the tax base.

Economist David Ndii
Former ODM and NASA strategist David Ndii announced that Ndii announced that he had decided to work with Deputy President William Ruto, a man he had severely criticized over corruption.                       [Photo: Courtesy]
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