[PHOTOS]: Nairobi Expressway Claims First Victim in Midnight Accident


A speeding motorist on Saturday night rammed into other vehicles at a toll station along the new Nairobi Expressway.

The accident involved multiple vehicles that had been in line waiting to be cleared at the Mlolongo toll station.

The accident which occurred just before midnight is said to have left one person dead.

A witness told Mwanahabari.co.ke that a vehicle rammed other vehicles as it approached the Nairobi Expressway Mlolongo Toll Station.

“The motorist crashed into the Toll Plaza and ran over other vehicles that were being cleared to exit,” KENHA said in a statement.

The vehicle also hit the toll booth, and injured the attendant.


1. OVER 4000 Kenyans die on the road every year. By June 2022, the number of road deaths have surpassed 2000.

2. Every km of the Nairobi Expressway costs Ksh3.6bn. The whole road project cost Kenya Ksh 97 billion.

3. The Expressway was officially opened for use on May 14, 2022.

4. More 30,000 vehicles use the Nairobi Expressway each day.

5. The Nairobi Expressway is 27 kilometers long.

6. “The Nairobi Expressway design speed is at least 80 km/h, but one has is still required to drive at the prescribed speed limit shown by the traffic signs.



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