Olang’o Antivirus, The Man Changing The Face of Kayole


It is not by mistake that Mwalimu Kennedy Olango is poised to become Kayole South MCA in 2022.

This has been a protracted journey that nurtured a skillful and able leadership can be traced from his childhood.

Olango Kennedy, alias Antivirus, is a young self made man who rose from zero to become the person he is today.

He surmounted the odds to steer a clear career path and aid in nation building.

Olango’s childhood journey was not easy. He attended a number of schools coupled with academic breaks throughout due to financial constraints.

Against these odds, he performed well, both in KCPE and KCSE to lay the foundation for a successful career.

The good performance in KCSE was essential in pursuing a degree course in the next level of the academic ladder.

Olango managed to make it straight to the university to advance his knowledge.

His admission to university was faced with drama the first day since he had Kshs 5,000 as his pocket money, accommodation and fees!

The Leadership Journey
Leadership in Olango Kennedy Antivirus manifested in his childhood.

This was evident in the manner he managed and organized those around him in the rocky village of Seme Kadero to believe and follow his philosophies in all aspects of life.

The flamboyant and ardent supporter of Arsenal exceeded expectation in leadership.

The various primary and Secondary schools he attended entrusted him with various leadership positions.

The epitome of his leadership ability was illuminated when he became students leader at Kenyatta University.

The transformation realized as one of the KUSA 2007 leaders impact the institution to date.

After graduating as a Chemistry/Biology teacher from Kenyatta University, Olango settled in Embakasi Central to start his career.

He worked at St. Justino High School, and because of his outstanding performance, managerial skills and acumen, the school did not take long before elevating him to be the principal of the school.

One thing that was obvious in Olango, the oligarch, is that he had strong desire to inspire young adults who had lost hope. He gave them the means to achieve their dreams amidst the socioeconomic challenges they faced.

Olango watched bright and talented students drop out of schools with sympathy and empathy. As a result, he made resolved to take action and help the bright and talented young adults facing the substance and drug abuse menace and depression.

Olango resigned as the principal to start an education center.

Brown Hill Secondary School in Nairobi draws its popularity as one of the best private schools in Embakasi from the leadership style of Olango.

From its inception in 2012, Olango has managed the center with little resources, without any external support, to not only nurture football and volleyball talents within Embakasi and its environs, but also sponsor bright but needy students to various universities. Currently, the school sponsors over 60 students yearly.

Furthermore, Olang’o has also ensured that needy students who excel from the institution are offered part time employment within to enable them earn a living as they study in the institutions of higher learning.

Mentorship Programs
As one of the renowned trainers and instructors in SMASE, Olang’o has mentored numerous teachers to realize their full potential and become excellent leaders in their delivery.

Besides, he has also used his mentorship skills to ensure students passing through Brown Hill are indeed exemplary in matters discipline.

Consequently, the community around the school celebrates him for the environmental and humanitarian sanity experienced.

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7 months ago

A great leader