Nairobi’s House Of Sin, Loved By Married Men, Politicians & Journalists


The magnificent house is hidden in one of the posh estates in Nairobi’s Westlands area.  The posh neighborhood is silent – but not really like a graveyard as linguists would love to say.

One can tell that this use to be a decent family home for some moneyed Nairobi businessman or politicians.

It’s actually a maisonette – all en-suit – with bedrooms the size of a small stadium.

The mirrored walls of the bedroom have no doubt seen it all – they have good memories of renown TV anchors, top drawer intellectuals, married men (but who have never had sex with their wives for 10 years), journalists, choir masters, engineers and small boys who have just landed their first job – and am told some clergymen come here to.

“It’s a hot bed of beauties. The place has the finest women you can find in Kenya. All of them are there, just waiting to serve you. It’s simply a modern, or rather high-end sex shop,” a young man who recently visited the establishment told Mwanahabari.

The man’s narration

I arrived at the establishment in the company of three male friends and a lady friend of ours.

Our car reached the gate – and that’s where we met the first group of muscled-up bouncers dressed in tiny short-sleeved T-shirts.

They appeared too big for the T-shirts.  I kept waiting for their chests to spill out in defiance. They didn’t.

“Boss, hapa ladies hawakubaliwingwi (Hi, pal, we don’t allow women in here), one of the security man said, well, almost thundered.

So, I tried to do the Kenyan thing – offer a small bribe to the security.

It must have been some hurriedly folded Ksh500 – but the well-paid security man scoffed at me, and asked me to keep the money as he was not going to allow our girl in.

The four of us held a small consultative meeting amongst ourselves, and agreed to load the lady onto a taxi to ferry her home – or wherever.

That done, we went through the security checks – frisking every frame of your body – and sanitizing.

Then we entered right inside this small world – and here were greeted by a different world.

Beautiful women clad in handkerchiefs walked freely – and without a care in the world.

I counted 60 of these lady souls. I saw Chinese, Indians, Kenyans, and more Kenyans. I now understood why girls were not allowed inside.

I guess they could just make our girl feel inadequate, inferior and almost like a man.

We sat down at a couch, and I sat there hyperventilating as questions filled my mind. Our orders came – and I settled on beer. A bottle went for Ksh300.

As I sat down, a curious me threw one look at the furthest corner and saw a famous news anchor in one of the TV stations.

He was enjoying a candid lap dance from this. Did I say that the man had a splendid wedding on TV the other year? Okay, we are not mentioning names.

I was later told that a good lap dance would cost one Ksh1,000 – and only for a few minutes.

Our news anchor enjoyed more than a handful of the lap dances.

As I sipped my beer, I saw another man – he looked familiar. I must have seen him in one of the TV shows also. A prayer rally I guess – disappearing into one of the rooms with a fine girl.

He would come back a few minutes later before disappearing again – with a different lady. I guess for prayer sessions. I counted four prayer sessions – with four different ships.

I was told that such prayer sessions would take you back Ksh5,000 for a brief 1 hour.

It seemed everyone was heading for prayer sessions – journalists, politicians, musicians, I guess teachers as well went to conduct prayers at one point or another.

I saw people disappear into certain sections of the house, and re-emerge wearing serious looks.

Some pent 1 hour (Ksh5,000), others went for three hours (Ksh15,000) – others went for five minutes but still payed Ksh5,000.

So, I engaged this one lady – and asked her how much she takes home on a good month.

She told me she takes home Ksh50,000 a week – and would make some more during her off days if she lands one or two home delivery jobs.

A home delivery job – she says costs one Ksh15,000.

That’s Kanairo for you.



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