Moses Kuria Accuses Uhuru of Killing Political Careers


Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has called out President Uhuru Kenyatta for reportedly killing political careers of political leaders from the Mount Kenya region.

In a long post on his Facebook Page on Sunday, Kuria said compared to other regions, Mount Kenya Region has witnessed the death of many careers in the last decade.

“I have been pondering over an issue that just refuses to go away. This is about Mt. Kenya leadership. The region has become an altar where many careers are sacrificed.”

The outspoken legislator claimed President Kenyatta has been the main obstacle politicians from the region have to surmount whenever they are trying to take a step ahead in their careers.

Kuria cited the sacking of former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri as an example of how political careers have been sacrificed under the watch of President Kenyatta.

“25 years ago, we raised whatever money we could to send Kiunjuri to Parliament to represent the great people of Laikipia. A quarter of a century later, the self-made politician is back to where he was 25 years ago, Laikipia ashes,” he said.

The MP mentioned Paul Muite, Martha Karua and Gitobu Imanyara all veteran lawyers as another group of politicians whose careers were vanquished under President Kenyatta’s watch.

“Gitobu Imanyara has been in and out-of-hospital bed out of complications arising from Nyayo torture Chambers without any assistance,” he said.

“Karua is struggling to raise her head in a crowded crowd. Paul Muite’s political career withered like a failed crop before harvest.”

He hailed former President Mwai Kibaki who turned 90 today as a leader who lifted other from the region, citing President Kenyatta as a beneficiary.

He hailed Mzee Kibaki for preparing President Kenyatta for leadership by appointing him Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Finance in quick succession.

“As a matter of fact, in the last 3 years of Kibaki administration, he gave Uhuru a blank cheque to appoint 3 Ministers- Katoo ole Metito, Eugene Wamalwa and Njeru Githae. That’s the last time someone from our region was deliberately prepared for leadership.”

“Other than Jomo Kenyatta, the only other Mt Kenya leader who let leaders grow was Mwai Kibaki. That’s the last time someone from our region was deliberately prepared for leadership.”

He hailed ODM leader Raila Odinga for working with luminaries from the Nyanza region despite having all the power to kill their political careers.

“Anyang’ Nyong’o and James Orengo are still going strong even when Raila Odinga had all the powers he needed to vanquish them into smithereens. They now co-exist in leadership alongside youthful leaders such as John Mbadi and Edwin Sifuna,” he remarked.

Kuria warned that trend if not tamed will make the region uncompetitive and the future generation will lose self-esteem and will be a pale shadow of past generations.

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