Manchester United Stars Speak Their Mind About Ole Gunnar


More senior footballers at the shaky Manchester United have reportedly added their vices to the resounding chorus of Ole Out.

This comes at a time when the giant club is going through a rough patch under the stewardship of old boy Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

English journalist Duncan Castles has said that some prominent Manchester United players have had enough of Ole Gunnar – and are pushing for his exit.

Castles said: “Given the response of the dressing room, where there are now very senior members of the Manchester United squad briefing off-record that they feel that the coach has to change if they are to achieve what they expect to be able to achieve with the quality of the squad they have gathered there.”

These are very difficult times for a team that has lost three of their previous four Premier League games, dropping to sixth place in the rankings.

To add salt to injury, Arsenal, under Mikel Arteta, are currently sitting on top of Manchester United – even though they had a shaky start to the season compared to Man United.

The poor form at Manchester United is worrying – and rightly so because the team is trailing Liverpool, West Ham, Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea – its known peers.

The owners of Manchester United have been patient with the Norwegian – like a father would with his erring son.

But time may just be ripe for Ole to shake hands with the great Manchester United – if the results do not improve even after buying big names in the last transfer window.

As it is now, the fans will have to continue listening to the discord that is Manchester United – with Ole as its choir master.


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