Leopards Invade Village Attacking 47 Sheep


Farmers in Moiben area of ​​Elgeyo Marakwet county are counting losses after their livestock were attacked, and others killed by leopards on Wednesday night.

The leopards killed by biting than 20 sheep and left 27 others with serious injuries to their limbs, stomach and other parts of the body.

Paul Kiplagat, a herdsman in Moiben lost 5 sheep in the incident.

He said that he was awakened at night by loud noise and bleating of sheep from his herd, and when he crawled out of bed to go and find out what was the problem, he was greeted by a shocking site.

The leopards killed over 20 sheep and left many others injured. PHOTO/Mwanahabari.co.ke

Over 20 sheeps lay on the ground dead and many others had deep cuts inflicted to their bodies by the leopards.

“With the help of my neighbors we managed to chase the leopards away. I could say they were more than 10 wild animals that invaded my home,” he said

The residents blamed the wildlife department for the increase in the number of cases of wildlife invasion, claiming that despite their efforts to submit their grievances to the relevant department, nothing has been done to help them.

“We are surrounded by Kapsiliot and Chebiemit forests. No fence has been erected here. If you go to complain to their offices you are told to call them whenever you spot the wild animal,” said Eric Tanui.

Their call now is for the relevant department to take full responsibility and provide security for them especially at this time when schools have reopened.

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