Kijabe Four: Youth Reveals Details of Murdered Friend

By Mwanahabari Reporter

A few days ago four unidentified bodies of young men were discovered inside Kijabe Forest on Monday 20.

The bodies have since been positively identified as those of four friends who went missing on June 14.

One of the bodies has been identified as that of flushy blogger and influencer Frank Obegi.

Reports have emerged that Obegi who hails from Kisii, and his friends experienced a very painful death in the hands of their killers.

“… me and some guys were at city mortuary today & bro let me tell you guys. They were brutally tortured. The guys weren’t joking, they wanted their monies back if the allegations are true at all,” tweeted one Baby Mmoja – a friend of Obegi.

According to babu – his friend Obegi may have scammed someone some Sh1 million in cryptocurrencies.

Obegis’s brother Leyton told the media that the family learned from a friend that Obegi’s body had been found¬† at the City Mortuary.

“I received the news this morning from a friend who was close to him and knew his whereabouts. The lady who informed me about his death had gone to City Mortuary and confirmed that it was him,” Leyton told the media.”My brother has been missing since Tuesday 14. That was when he was last seen online and that was when I received the last communication from him.”

“It was upon the learning of his death that I realised that he had been inactive on social media. He was very active on social media, but his accounts have since been deleted,”¬†Leyton said.

According to the police, the bodies were dumped in the forest between Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19.

According to Lari Police commander Adamson Furaha the four were tortured as their bodies had deep cuts and missing private parts.

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