Jackpot Millions: Can You Refuse to Appear on TV After Winning Bet


This is one question many bettors are asking themselves even as they wait on ladyluck to smile on their door.

The feeling of winning Ksh 10 Million Jackpot can be very refreshing to any human.

One thing happens when you win a bet – especially when you are lucky to win a Jackpot.

It is only a feeling the likes of Samuel Abisai who won the Ksh 221 million Sportpesa Jackpot in 2017 – becoming the first kenyan to achieve the fete.

Or, Gordon Ogada, the man from Migori who joined the millionaires club after pocketing Ksh 230, 742,881 SportPesa Mega-Jackpot in 2018.

These two gentlemen – and many more Kenyans who have won millions from betting companies like Betika and Mozzart had to be paraded on TV – before cameras.

Is this really important?

Can’t I just take my millions and go home in peace?

“It can’t happen. Because according to our terms and conditions we must be transparent. This is a requirement,” a communication representative from one of the leading betting sites told Mwanahabari.

She said that her company has well-documented terms and conditions which the bettor has to adhere to.

“One of the terms and conditions requires a winner to take pictures, and hold a dummy cheque. This is important for the sake of transparency,” said the head of communication.

“Who would want not to access millions just because they refuse to be on TV?” she wondered.

Mwanahabari has learned that different betting companies have different terms and conditions.

“I know some companies allow winners to wear a mask to hide their identity.”

“I feel this is not right, and could be susceptible to manipulation and fraud. If you won, them let the people know that you won clean,” said the officer.

There have been rumors that some betting companies would accept a percentage of the win money back in exchange for not appearing on TV.

This, however, remain just but a rumor – and there is no evidence that a Ksh10 million winner has ever agreed to give away some Ksh2 million just to avoid TV.


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