How Tangatanga Bloggers Scored an Own Goal by Attacking Muthoni


DP William Ruto spent the better part of yesterday (November 3) in parts of Murang’a and Kiambu, wrapping his campaign outing with a generously attended rally at Kirigiti, as dusk was approaching.

So effective was a video of the Kirigiti event that it started causing jitters among supporters of rival camps. As this video was starting to make rounds on social media, something else was happening ‘behind the scenes’.

Muthoni Mukiri, a former presenter with Inooro TV posted, on her Facebook wall, what she thought was a joke.

She posted an image of a caricature, actually a silhouette supposed to depict the DP in unflattering light, mocking how he says ‘praise the lord’ in Gikuyu language.

Her supposed joke quickly went south. She had barely finished writing her post when legions of Tanga tanga supporters swarmed on her post with heavy showers of raw insults.

Used to open adulation on social media, it must have come as shock to her when some of ‘her fans’ turned into her tormentors.

They were unrelenting in the venom they spewed. Rattled, she reportedly started deleting comments, even blocking others. Still, the stings kept on coming.

Unable to hold it anymore, Muthoni reportedly disabled her verified Facebook account.

While this was going on, the ‘victorious’ Tanga tanga supporters started taking to their own pages, bragging of their latest conquest, with screenshots documenting their handiwork. Bad mistake.

They should have made better use of that time, helping to popularise the Kirigiti video.

As Kenyans went to bed, the Kieleweke wing had vowed to avenge for Muthoni. This morning we woke up to Kieleweke supporters sharing the offending meme, the message here being; ‘you picked on a soft target, now try what you did to Muthoni on us’.

The meme has now gone viral on social media. Kieleweke supporters are ecstatic to have ‘discovered’ Tanga tanga’s soft underbelly and are busy rubbing salt on the injury.

By hounding Muthoni, Tanga tanga online warriors scored an embarrassing own goal.

Instead of basking in the glory of the Kirigiti video, they are watching helplessly as the Kieleweke battalion spreads the offensive meme of their candidate.

On the other hand, the meme is manna sent-from-the-skies for the Kieleweke brigade and they are determined to milk it dry. They have been running on empty for some time now.

Right now, Tanga tanga are like the foolish dog that dropped the bone from its mouth when it went to grab the ‘other bone’ from its reflection in the water.

That dumb dog went to bed hungry
DP Ruto doesn’t deserve such dumb supporters.

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