How Arsenal Loses Without This Player on The Field


Arsenal are pub team without Ghanaian midfielder Thomas Partey sitting in the cog of its midfield. Period.

In fact, research has shown that Arsenal’s win ratio drops from when he does not start.

That is massive drop – one that should every Arsenal player even as the team looks to bomb into top four.

The only reassurance is the fact that Arsenal’s management, coach and ever loving disciples already know this truth. That No Thomas, No Party.

Since Thomas Partey is still injured – probably until the end of the season – Arsenal’s ship will continue taking in water. Photo/Courtesy

Arsenal is fighting for Top four with the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham – and it does not help Arsenal’s course that the Red Devils hammered a hapless Norwich 3-0 last weekend.

“Of course Tottenham – being Tottenham – lost – but then Arsenal decided to lose as well. Imagine.

“What is Arsenal smoking? I am not angry. I am sick and tired of suffering near heart attacks whenever Arsenal are playing.” – A fan recently said.

Arsenal lost their mojo after the international break – suffering a 2-0 loss to Liverpool – which was expected.

Then – Good Arsenal went on a losing spree – giving away points in games they were supposed to win.

Reason. Thomas had a swollen toe – and could therefore not play.

Since the toe is still swollen – probably until the end of the season – Arsenal’s ship will continue taking in water.

Meanwhile, Antonio Conte’s side are in Fourth position – and look like they are going for it.

Thomas PARTEY has been exceptional this season for Arsenal – and the fact that he is not playing will most likely cost Arsenal Champions League football.


  1. Arsenal have lost their driving force from deep in Arteta’s favoured 4-2-3-1 system without Thomas partey
  2. Arsenal’s win ratio drops from 65.2% to 25% when Partey does not start.
  3. Goals Arsenal score decreases (from 1.83 to just 0.38 per 90 minutes) while goals conceded by Arsenal rises (from 1.09 to 1.50 per game).
  4. Partey has a better dribble success rate (81.4%) than any of the 158 players who have attempted 25 or more dribbles in the Premier League this season.
  5. Arsenal struggle to create chances through the middle of the park without Partey.
  6. He can receive the ball from his centre-backs under pressure, shake off opponents and drive the team forward.
  7. His ability to ghost past opponents and start attacks is top
  8. Partey shields the defence well and, with a return of 1.9 tackles per 90 minutes, he is more than capable of robbing opponents of possession before gliding upfield and quickly turning defence into attack.
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