Giant Bull Tramples Kakamega Man to Death


A family in Kakamega county is mourning the death of their loved who was gored and trampled to death by a giant bull.

Robert Atema 39, a resident of Shirumba village in Ikolomani constituency had gone out to watch a bullfighting event when he met his death.

According to Sophia Khamali, mother of the deceased, Atema who is a father of three, was watching the monstrous bulls lock horns in a heated fight when one of the bulls lost its head and charged towards the crowd.

The bull said to weigh nearly a tone charged toward the deceased – and mowed through his frame, crashing his chest.

Those who had attended the event said that the bull was fleeing the fighting scene after it was overpowered by another bull.

“The fight was between” Ringo “and” Major ” – Ringo overpowered Major forcing him to flee. It was that moment that the deceased who happened to be on the way – was trampled on the chest after falling as he was running for safety,” Sophia told

Kakamega OCPD David Kabena confirmed the incident – noting that the spectators removedĀ  removed the body from the scene and took it to Mukumu mortuary.

“The incident indeed happened. The deceased was taken to Mukumu mortuary, our assessments determined he was dead,” said Kabena.

However, elders from the deceased community said that traditional rituals to cleanse the bull must be conducted before being slaughtered.

“An animal like this carries a curse, it cannot be sold or tamed anymore, we will conduct a traditional ritual, its meat will be used on the burial of the deceased”, said Titus Ominde.

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