Former Citizen TV Host Announces Pregnancy Months After Losing Child


In 2021 February Gospel singer Kambua Mathu lost her second child. The news was devastating to the gospel singer. 

Slightly over one year later, Kambua’s prayers have been answered – again. The beautiful musician is expecting another child.

She broke the beautiful news on social media.

“He restores us. He heals us. He makes all things beautiful,” she posted.

Kambua is married to Pastor Jackson Mathu and have a child together. This will be their third child having married in 2012.

It will be remembered that Kambua posted a similar ‘Thank You’ message in 2020 when she conceived her second child – and posted a photo of the baby bump.

The post read: “God of Sarah… God of Hannah…God of KAMBUA! Just when I thought you had done too much…! YOU did it again!”

Sadly, she lost her child. It was devastating.

She posted at the time: “Malachi is now free from pain and any worldly care. Our tears fall freely because our hearts are broken beyond words. But our faith and hope remain unshaken because we have our trust in a dependable God. A good, good father. We may not know how to navigate the days ahead, but God does. And so we trust him, a moment at a time…Your father, your mommy, and your brother Nathaniel will carry you in our hearts always.” her message read.

But her tears have been wiped dry, and she can sing and praise God again.

She is set to be a mother, again.

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