Form 1 & Form 4 Student Drown in River Migori On Their Way From Church


Two students from Mwache secondary school in Suna East Sub County drowned while attempting to cross a swollen river Migori on Monday morning, October 11, 2021.

The two who were coming from a morning church vigil are said to have attempted to cross the river after one of their colleagues – who went first – successfully crossed the swollen river.

The young man who went first is said to have sounded a warning to the two not to attempt to cross – apparently after realizing that his crossing did not go as smooth as he had anticipated.

“The first boy managed to crossed the river – but must have realized that it was a dangerous thing to do hence he warned the other two to not cross – but they did attempt to cross and were unfortunately swept away,” a witness told the media.

A village in mourning

The early morning incident shocked the residents of Nyarongi sub location, Suna East Sub County.

The community and the police are working closely to try and retrieve the bodies with some fearing that they may have been washed down stream – towards Lake Victoria.

According to residents, the two students were coming back from a church event at dawn when they were swept away as they crossed the river on their way back home.

Efforts to retrieve the bodies have faced challenges owing to surging water levels, meanders and waves.

Too much water flowing

“The river is very deep at the moment especially because many sections of the country, specifically the highlands, are experiencing heavy rains which then flow down stream. It is very difficult to navigate the river as we search for the bodies,” a Mr Otieno told Mwanahabari.

Residents using the river have been asked to be careful whenever they are crossing.

The Gucha-Migori river empties its waters into Lake Victoria, and is one of the major contributors of water into the lake. It has three main tributaries namely the Gucha (North), Migori (South) and the Riana Rivers.
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