Father Arrested For Killing Daughter He Found In Bed With a Boy


A 41-year-old father was on Sunday morning, January 9, arrested after confessing to killing his 16-year-old daughter.

Police said that the father confessed to killing his daughter after he found her in bed with her lover.

Reports indicate that the girl who was a Form One student at Sabasaba Secondary school had been sent home on Wednesday last week to collect school fees.

Police said that the father lost his cool and beat up the teenager repeatedly after he found her with a boy at their home.

Her alleged lover is said to have escaped with his life – leaving the girl to the mercy of her father.

Fearing the he had killed his daughter, the father is sad to have dumped the girl’s body inside a trench along Kenol Sabasaba road, just a few metres from their home.

But after no one noticed the body that Friday, the father told police that he moved the body later that night – and placed it where it could easily be found.

Indeed, the body was discovered by passersby – and a report made to the police.

The father was arrested after police discovered blood stains on his trousers – at which point he confessed to the act.

He is currently in police custody and will be arraigned in court on Monday, January 10.

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