Doctor Injects His 2 Children With Insulin After Quarrel With Wife


Residents of Nakuru on Sunday, September 19, woke up to disturbing news after a senior medical doctor killed his to children before attempting to take his own life.

According to the police, the doctor killed his children aged three and five years just moments after quarreling with his wife at home.

Reports from the police indicated that the dad injected the minors with insulin.

Insulin, according to medical reports, causes hypoglycemia (reduction in blood glucose).

The result of a casual or intentional overdose of insulin leads to hypoglycemic coma and in extreme cases even death of the user.

He would then inject himself with the same insulin in an attempt to sooth himself to a painless death.

The doctor was, however, rescued and rushed to hospital where he was admitted under tight security.

The children were declared dead upon being rushed to hospital – and their bodies taken to the Nakuru Municipal mortuary.


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