Breaking News: Former MP Disarmed After Shooting Man in The Stomach


Police disarm former Nyatike MP – Omondi Anyanga for allegedly shooting middle aged man

A middle-aged man is currently fighting for his dear life after he sustained a gunshot wound, allegedly fired by former Nyatike MP – Edick Omondi Anyanga.

Justus Ochieng, 35, who is also the cousin to current area MP – Tom Odege, was shot in the stomach, on Saturday evening.

The incident took place in Lwanda shopping centre, in Nyatike Constituency, Migori County.

Justus Ochieng is also the cousin to current area MP Tom Odege. He was shot in the stomach. Photo/Courtesy

He was rushed to Kokeyo Hospital in Sori town.

According to eyewitnesses who spoke to Mwanahabari, Anyanga and Justice were involved in a heated debate before the MP drew his gun and fired a single shot that caught him in the stomach.

The bullet is still stuck in his stomach.

“They are yet to remove the bullet. I could be transferred to Homa Bay for further procedure,” Justus told Mwanahabari.

Former Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga. Photo/Courtesy

Anyanga served as Nyatike MP between 2007 and 2013 on Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket.

He is seeking another term as Nyatike MP.

Mwanahabari could not independently verify whether the shooting was politically motivated though the victim, according to multiple sources, is a staunch supporter of the incumbent.

Police confirmed that Anyanga has since been disarmed though no arrest has been made so far.

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