Bomet: Car Carrying Bhang Overturns, Occupants Melt Into the Bush


A small vehicle loaded loaded with several kilograms of cannabis sativa overturned along the busy Bomet-Kisii highway strewing the secret luggage on the road and in the surrounding bushes.

According to the residents, the occupants of the said vehicle burst into one hell of running to avoid arrest by the police and members of the public.

The Police have launched a man-hunt for the two suspects who are said to have fled into the bushes.

The locals have since been asked to be on the look out for suspicious individuals in the area – and who may look to have sustained unexplained injuries.

It is not clear what caused the accident

The value of the haul was yet to be determined – even as police took hold of the material – and towed the vehicle to the station.

According to the witnesses, it is not yet clear what may have caused the accident given the area is clear and with no blind spots.

The illicit trade is banned in Kenya – but peddlers have often employed daredevil antics to make sure the goods are delivered as far Mombasa.

It’s a risky trade given it’s possession, sale and consumption is illegal in Kenya, but many people have learned to navigate the tricky terrain often with the help of some corrupt police.

The police in Kenya have made it clear that the sheer scale of trade in the banned substance often makes it impossible for officers to arrest and prosecute everybody involved.

Sentenced to life in prison

Just recently, James Muthiora and his wife Fridah Karimi from Meru were found guilty of peddling bang worth millions and sentenced to life in prison. The couple were reportedly found with sacks of cannabis in their house.

The sentencing attracted widespread condemnation across the country with many feeling that the fine was too harsh.

Most of the bhang, according to the police, is ferried into Kenya through Sirare – with the Migori – Bomet route being a notorious conduit for the illicit trade.


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