Boda Boda Man Stabs Female University Student to Death


A boda boda rider identified as Ezra was beaten to a pulp after stubbing and killing a female student at Laikipia University on Wednesday afternoon, September 29.

According to the police, the suspect stabbed Gertrude Chepkoech, a bachelors of Education student studying English and Literature, on the chest, head, neck and hands, killing her.

Police have now confirmed that Miss Chepkoech, a first year student at the institution’s main campus on the outskirt of Nyahururu town, shared a room with the suspect’s girlfriend, but who was not in the room during the attack.

He would then draw the knife which was concealed in his pocket, and stabbed Miss Chepkoech.

It is not yet clear what transpired inside the room as Ezra was in the room alone with the deceased.

Miss Chepkoech suffered multiple stab wounds.

Slit his own throat

The suspect then attempted to take his own life by stabbing himself, but failed.

Angry students stormed the hostel room after learning of the incident and beat him up, almost killing him, but he was rescued by the police who were called to the scene.

Speaking about the incident, Ms Lucy Nakiridi, a cleaner at the private hostel said.

“I remember this man man came to visit his girlfriend last week, but a disagreement followed, forcing the hostel’s management and neighbours to intervene after his girlfriend raised alarm”

“She accused the man who had come from Nakuru of forcing his way into their hostel. We kicked him out and warned him never to return again,” she noted.

“The man returned on Wednesday and forcing his way into the hostel where he found his girlfriend’s roommate, Ms Chepkoech, in the room.”

“His girlfriend had already left for exams…He locked the door, drew a knife from his coat pocket and started stabbing her,” said the cleaner.

Beaten to a pulp

Other students rushed to the room after they heard the girl scream, only to find her bloodied body lying on the floor.

The suspect is said to have slit his throat before stabbing himself in the stomach.

The suspect endured a beating from the students, but was later rescued and taken to the Nyahururu County Referral Hospital.

Ms Chepkoech suffered six deep stab wounds on the chest, back, head and arms.

According to doctors attending to the suspect, he sustained serious stab wounds, but was in stable condition – and out of danger.

The body of Chepkoech was taken to the Nyahururu County Referral Hospital Mortuary.

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