BIDCO Launches Immunity Boosting Fruit Juice


BIDCO Africa Limited has added an industry first to its wide range of energy drinks, fruit juices and sodas by introducing joOz Boost+ (plus), a new beverage that helps support a healthy immune system.

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturer launched their new product at Sigona Golf Club on Saturday, May 20, 2022, at an event dubbed BIDCO Golf Day.

Speaking during the tournament that brought together a record 270 golfers, BIDCO’s Group Director Chris Diaz said the concept of ‘immune boosting’ food and beverages is still on high demand thus, BIDCO is keeping pace with the fast-growing healthy drinks market by expanding its customer base to working-age people and teenagers as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anne Gakenia receives the Winner’s Prize on behalf of Anne Kabugi. Looking on is BIDCO Africa’s CRT Head -Mihir Shah (centre) and on his right is Sigona Golf Club Captain Jay Shah during BIDCO Africa Golf Day prize giving ceremony at SIGONA Golf Club on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

“The contemporary consumer is health conscious, we are also aware that our active population remains keen on products that help boost their immune systems as well as cultivate their inner strength; therefore, our responsibility is to meet the growing consumer demand with quality and affordable products. Today, we launch joOz Boost +(plus) a first of its own kind immunity-based fruit juice in Kenya,” said Diaz.

Offering an eccentric foundation of Vitamin C and Zinc, Diaz added that joOz Boost+ is among the products being manufactured at BIDCO Industrial Park inaugurated in 2019 by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Diaz said that the new beverage has been approved by Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS) after conducting chemical and microbial analysis for both Orange and Lemon Lime flavours plus the Ministry of Health through the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

Sigona resident professional Charles John Wangai also known as CJ Wangai on golfing the course at BIDCO Africa Golf Day at SIGONA Golf Club on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

“joOz Boost+ improves the immune systems, boosts prevention of diseases and illnesses, and offers specifically enhanced benefits for excellent health. The beverage already available on the country’s leading retail outlets in 300ml bottles.

“In line with our mantra of Happy Healthy Living, we remain fully committed to functional nutrition by producing products that aid in the health and wellness of every consumer because we believe that functional drinks market can successfully obtain sturdy growth amid the current challenging economic times,” narrated Diaz.

BIDCO Africa’s CRT Head -Mihir Shah swings his golf club on the course during BIDCO Africa Golf Day at SIGONA Golf Club on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

Golfers at the event described joOz Boost + plus as a great beverage for sportsmen and women. Sigona resident professional Charles John Wangai popularly known as CJ Wangai said the move was a significant step in tapping into the healthy drinks market as BIDCO aims to continue demonstrating their innovation capacity within the fruit juice market thanks to their long-standing expertise in operations and management.

Energy and Hydration

“Golf is a game played more within the mind; as a mental game, you must take a lot of water to stay hydrated all through,” said CJ. “Started taking joOz Boost from hole number 1 and as I went along, there is no point in time in my body that I felt down in terms of energy and hydration. The new juices from BIDCO are good especially for sportsmen to help in maintaining energy levels and staying calm while on the course; if you are out there going to golf, please have a taste, try BIDCO juices, they are the best.”

Remain positive

Started in 2018, this was the fourth edition of BIDCO Golf Day, Sigona Golf Club Captain Jay Shah called upon golfers to “just got to try to remain positive and focused.

“What an ending to BIDCO Golf Day with Anne Kabugi as the winner while Sandeep Matharu produced the longest drive No. 9,” said Captain Jay. “Plenty of players will feel they had their chances, and that will mean they’ll be keen to get to the next tournament here at Sigona. Our sincere appreciations go out to BIDCO for the sponsorship and honouring us with a product launch; Sigona golf course is the best in Kenya, winning tournaments is tough but playing at BIDCO Golf Day is always fun!”

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