Bidco Issues Statement After KEBS Flags Cooking Oil


Bidco Africa has issued a statement a few days after Kenya Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) flagged a number of cooking oil brands.

KEBS recently ordered a recall of 10 edible oil and cooking fat brands due to alleged non-compliance with set standards.

The standards body wrote a letter to the Retail Traders Association of Kenya announcing the recall.  

The brands flagged for non-compliance included Bahari Fry and Gold n Pure Olive Gold manufactured by Bidco.

In a statement, Bidco chairman Vimal Shah reiterated the company’s commitment to high quality products.

The statement read: “As a manufacturer, we acknowledge the sacred mandate of KEBS in enforcing standards that safeguard the health of consumers and promote fair trade practices.

“In the same vein, we wish to reiterate that our commitment to the highest quality standards and our promise to deliver safe products to our consumers still holds true,” chairman Vimal said.

Chairman Vimal said the two (Bahari Fry and Gold n Pure Olive Gold) brands were given clean bill of health following a test done at an independent lab.

He noted in his statement that: “On the matter at hand, we sent sealed samples with the same Batch Numbers to one of the leading independent labs in Kenya, Bureau Veritas, who gave the two products a clean bill of health in compliance with the KEBS standards in the parameter of Iron Content of Maximum 2.5mg / kg. As a leading manufacturer with hundreds of thousands of consumers, our Quality Assurance Team is vigilant 24/7.

“As a responsible Corporate Citizen, we believe in the autonomy of our institutions and will cooperate fully with KEBS even with the said alternative independent lab results,” Vimal added.

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