Angry Mother Buries Log Dressed in Son’s Clothes


A 52-year-old woman from Kipsambu village, Nandi County has shocked local residents after she buried a log following a quarrel with her eldest son.

The bewildered villagers were taken aback when they discovered that Julia Kosgei had buried the log which she had dressed in her son’s trouser in a ritual meant to disassociate herself from her son.

One of the villagers who was passing by her home saw Julia digging out the grave at around 6pm, and alerted members of the public who thronged her home to witness the drama.

The bizarre incident comes a few days after the mother of five refused to attend her son’s pre-wedding ceremony that was attended by her first estranged husband.

Reuben Chirchir, one of her neighbors said that it was while returning from his place of work in the evening, that he spotted Julia digging the grave in her backyard.

“I asked her what she was doing in the garden at that time, but she became hostile and warned me against entering her compound,” stated Chirchir.

Julia halted her mission of digging the grave and charged at her neighbours with a machete after they entered her compound.

“We were forced to raise alarm after threatened to attack us with a machete. The police officers who arrived a few minutes later, surrounded her compound, and managed to arrest her,” said Chirchir.

Mr. Daniel Suge, the village elder, explained that the Julian began digging the grave on Tuesday.

“We met on Thursday afternoon at the tea shade and she did not look disturbed, neither did she hint to anyone that she had issues with her family. But she has not been in good terms with her family members since she lost her husband,” he said.

The village elder said that after parting ways with her first husband, Julia moved in with her two children into the second marriage.

“Her second husband died in 2007 and she had been struggling to raise and educate her children singlehandedly,” revealed Suge claiming that her son who is a primary school teacher reconciled with his father even though she was opposed to it.

“We have never heard or witnessed such an incident in our community, and it’s an abomination of the highest degree. The elders will have to meet to ‘cleans the compound’,” Suge revealed.

Paul Rono, Chepkumia sub location chief stated that Julia is in police custody as family members plan to meet and sort their differences.

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