2NK Sacco Recalls 800 Shuttles After Webuye Accident


The 2NK Sacco Management has taken action by recalling all its 800 shuttles from the road just days after one of its fleets was involved in a fatal road accident on January 1, 2022 – New Year Day.

The accident which occurred along the Webuye-Eldoret road left eight people dead and three others in bad state after their shuttle rammed a stationary lorry that had stalled on the road around 5:30am.

Following the accident – the Sacco has recalled from road its fleet of over 800 for a three-day mandatory inspection.

The Sacco took the step as it seeks to restore public confidence – while ensuring safety of its passengers especially now that many people are traveling.

According to 2NK Sacco Chairman James Kahiro, the inspection is being done by NTSA- and is meant to ensure all the vehicles do not have mechanical problems that can put passengers’ lives in danger.

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8 months ago

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