17 Famous Otiende Amollo Quotes

Parliament is the sieve through which anything that becomes law in this country must come. Parliament cannot substitute its views for the views of the promoters, 29th April,2021.

Parliament has that inherent authority to correct any errors or typos which are consistent with the intention of the promoter,” 29th April,2021.

Public participation is not perfunctory, it is not salute-able, it is substantive first because it is a constitutional requirement” 29th April, 2020.

It must be understood that it is part of our role to ask questions. It is part of our role to ask questions on things we have no jurisdiction on. That is why we are elected.” April 29, 2021.

For some of this State’s offices, the recruitment should start six months before the date that one is to exit,” Otiende Amollo. 29th April, 2020.

In this panel we always talk and laugh. My friend Senator Cheruiyot is so pained he is almost crying. Let us lighten it a bit,” Feb 18, 2020

Anyone who cannot answer questions or does not want to answer questions will always look for diversionary tactics. We are all intelligent.” Feb 18, 2020

There is no such thing as Twitter police station. Any complaint in this country must be filed in a very specific way – not on twitter,” Feb 18, 2020.

There was the Handshake, and then the BBI and then the consequential changes to the constitution that may involve referendum.  Anybody who oppresses the outcome of the BBI, opposes the handshake and the BBI,” Aug 27, 2019.

The changing faces of the DP reflects deeply on his followers including on this panel who are now changing faces with every change,” Aug 27, 2019.

How can I be a new entrant and I founded ODM. I carried the certificate of ODM. Let’s be fair to everyone. When we are discussing a subject, let us discuss the subject not bring other things to try and demean others.. Aug 27, 2019.

We have friends in Parliament who speak on the basis of the bulge of their pockets…” Aug 27, 2019.

After Raila and Uhuru had the handshake,Miguna wrote to me asking why me as one of his lawyers was supporting the depots who tortured and sent him away. I politely reminded him that I was representing him pro bono, but it does not mean that we share political opinions. So I retreated from being his lawyer having earned a lot of epithets,” Jan 14, 2020.

Miguna is difficult to represent and difficult to support, but he is entitled like any Kenyan  to free entry into this country…” Jan 14, 2020.

On the delay on changing the Kenyan currency, I think it is an intentional circumvention of the constitution where the constitution says this, and operatives are finding a way to defeat it,” Nov 15, 2017.

You can never have enough of the right thing. It is because the sweetness of the Supreme Court challenge is when one of the main challengers – in this case Raila Odinga – is involved.  Once he was not involved it all became rather dry,” Nov 15, 2017.

If Raila Odinga was involved and if he was in court, there would be electricity,” Nov 15, 2017.

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